Godly Attitude, Worldly Latitude : Spiritual Attitude Principles That Determine Behavioral Success in Secular Circumstances

Chaplain Rob,Robert a Day Sr,Sr Robert a Day

THE WISDOM OF GODS ATTITUDE CONFOUNDS THE WISDOM OF HUMANKINDS ATTITUDE! How can we describe an abstract term like the word attitude and prescribe it in such a concrete way? The Word of God is the avenue to achieve this objective! The author explains how attitude is more than just positive or negative, but rather situational instead. Various attitude principles are discussed with stories of the bible in reference to each type of attitude being addressed. In Godly Attitude Worldly Latitude, R. A. Day, Sr., expounds upon earthly definitions of attitude with heavenly inspirations that show how Christians should be imitators of their Lord and Savior. This book is a far different read than the standard social psychological or business model interpretations of what an attitude should be in life. It cries out the mantra of not looking upon our own things, but upon the things of others and letting this mind (or attitude) be in us which is in Christ Jesus. A broadened horizon of the attitudes of longitude, latitude, altitude, and many more attitudes will be achieved victoriously through the living out of these newfound principles. This is made possible through all the interpersonal relationship challenges and storms that life tends to throw our way.